Hello everyone,

My name is Michal Braunstein, I am a gynecologist.

When I was young, I decided to become a doctor, and specifically a gynecologist, so that I could create a friendly and pleasant clinic for my patients. I have always believed a visit to your gynecologist should feel like having a cup of coffee with a friend, but with the advantage of a diagnosis, treatment, and clear and detailed information at the end of the session. That’s the reason I originally studied medicine to begin with, then gynecology, and in the recent years I’ve been focusing specifically on ways to relieve pain, treat recurrent vaginal complaints, itchiness, burning, discharge, vulvar skin diseases and painful sexual intercourse. I studied medicine at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, then finished my residency in Gynecology at Edith Wolfson Medical Center near Tel Aviv. I learned and worked alongside leading specialists in the field of vulvovaginal disorders and participated in conventions and courses in both Israel and abroad. To achieve my purpose of reducing pain as much as I can, I went through training, and I am certified to use Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to reduce anxiety and pain.

I work at the Women’s Health Center in “Clalit”, and I am also happy to see patients in my private clinic in Rehovot.
Among the services the clinic in Rehovot offers: General gynecological examination, Pap smear (Pap test), gynecologic ultrasound, vulvovaginal clinic, photographic documentation of lesions (if required), intrauterine device (IUD) insertion.
All of these services are also provided with the option of conscious sedation (with the use of laughing gas) in order to alleviate the discomfort, distress and pain that could arise during these procedures.
I’d be happy to meet with you,


Services Offered in My Clinic

General Gynecology

You are invited to my clinic for a routine gynecological checkup, including an examination of the vulva and vagina, Pap smear (if required), gynecological ultrasound, contraceptive consultation, and other decisions and dilemmas in the gynecological field which we all encounter in our day to day lives.

A routine Gynecological checkup has a double purpose: on the one hand, it offers a physical examination to make sure there are no new findings that require attention. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to consult about your health, both short term and long.

Gynecological Examinations and Treatments under Conscious Sedation

Gynecological examinations and treatments can unfortunately cause discomfort, distress and even pain.

In light of this issue, in my clinic I offer the unique service of gynecological care under conscious sedation by utilizing Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). This type of sedation does not influence consciousness or awareness, and continuous communication is maintained between us during the procedure.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is a gas that exists in the air around us in trace amounts. You may have encountered it in a dental clinic, either as a child or as an adult. In dentistry, the gas is used to alleviate pain and anxiety during the procedure and to improve the overall experience. During childbirth, it is also used for the same medicinal properties. The same need exists in gynecological clinics as well. 

The use of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) as a sedative has major advantages over other techniques. It gives a pleasant and light sensation, its effect dissipates quickly allowing the patient to drive home at the end of the treatment, yet it significantly assists in reducing the anxiety and pain that may arise from gynecological care.

Any of the conventional gynecological procedures such as gynecological examination, Pap smear and IUD insertion can be done in my clinic with the option of using laughing gas conscious sedation.

Vulvovaginal Clinic

The vulvovaginal field includes a broad spectrum of many medical conditions that affect the vulva and vagina: from minor infections to chronic skin conditions and even systemic afflictions that affect the vulvar skin. 

Many women suffer from recurrent or chronic itching, itching that aggravates during the night or after taking a shower, vaginal discharge that is thick or with foul scent, discomfort in the vulva/vagina area, pain that arises during the day or during intercourse, burning or stinging sensation, dryness or increased discharge with dryness.

If you are affected by one of these symptoms, I invite you to visit my clinic for a thorough examination. In the clinic, the evaluation can include: vulvar skin examination, vaginal examination including acidity levels evaluation (pH changes), microscopic assessment of discharge, and the option of photographic documentation of lesions (if required).
The aim is to find a solution that would ease, reassure and improve your everyday life.

The clinic offers a unique service of gynecological care under conscious sedation, to alleviate the discomfort, distress and pain that could arise during these procedures.

Among the procedures that can be performed under conscious sedation:

Routine gynecological examination
Gynecological ultrasound
Pap smear (Pap test)
Intrauterine device (IUD) insertion


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